The Evolution of Media Monitoring

In the quest to stay ahead of the pack with the most current and relevant information about your industry, media monitoring has become an indispensable tool for professionals across the board. For the uninitiated, media monitoring involves tracking various media platforms—TV, radio, newspapers, and increasingly social media channels—for any mentions of specific keywords, brands, or topics. It's a means of understanding public sentiment, knowing what's being said about you, your competition, or your sector, and identifying potential business and marketing opportunities. However, up until recently, one major player in the media monitoring game has been elusive to track: podcasts.

The Podcast Phenomenon and The Media Monitoring Gap

Podcasts, the digital on-demand audio series, have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity and influence over the last decade. With over 1.5 million podcasts and 34 million episodes, according to Podcast Insights, this is an industry that cannot be ignored. Yet, as a largely audio-based medium, monitoring podcasts for mentions or themes has proven to be one of the most complex and underdeveloped monitoring tasks.

Why? Unlike written or visual content, audio content lacks the collection of keywords and ‘buzz’ that makes traditional media monitoring relatively straightforward. For a marketing team, staying oblivious to the dialogues and trends developing across popular podcasts is not an option. The inability to monitor this content means missing out on vital consumer insights, emerging trends, and opportunities for brand mentions and collaborations.

The Dawn of a New Era in Media Monitoring

Enter Very Disco, a cutting-edge media monitoring tool that has not only recognized this need but has risen to the challenge of making podcast monitoring a reality. Through the use of advanced AI, this software is converting audio content into data, providing marketing professionals, content creators, and business leaders with actionable information pulled straight from the soundwaves.

With Very Disco, users can now search across a vast database of podcast episodes to understand the context of their mentions, listen to the exact segment of a podcast in which their keywords are mentioned, and monitor the conversation over time. It is, indeed, a game-changer in the field of media monitoring, and it’s high time we explore how this technology can take our strategy to the next level.

How Does It Work?

Very Disco combines Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning to transcribe audio content into searchable text. This allows users to sift through large volumes of podcasts to find precise mentions of their brand, industry, or any other topic of interest.

The architecture behind the scenes involves several stages, which can be simplified as follows:

  1. Audio Processing – The software breaks down podcast episodes into smaller, manageable segments.
  2. Speech-to-Text – Through ASR, the podcast's spoken word is transformed into written text.
  3. Text Analysis – Applying NLP, Very Disco identifies and filters through relevant keywords, topics, and sentiment analysis.
  4. Storage and Retrieval – The processed data is stored for easy retrieval, including the ability to search for specific keywords and brands across episodes and timeframes.

The Benefits of Monitoring Podcasts with Very Disco

In-Depth, Contextual Insights

With traditional media monitoring, you’d often get a mention log that says little about the context in which your brand or topic appears. Very Disco, on the other hand, provides the full context within which your brand is mentioned. This can go as far as understanding the tone of voice surrounding the mention, ensuring that you’re not just tracking data, but getting a grasp on wider media sentiment.

Targeted Opportunities

Say goodbye to the guessing game of which podcast to partner with for that sponsored segment. Very Disco can analyze the audience of various podcasts, helping in refining your partnership targets to ensure that your message reaches relevant and engaged listeners.

Competitive Intelligence

Keep an ear out for what your competitors are up to with the podcast-monitoring feature. This tactical advantage can inform your strategy and help you align your content and brand positioning in a crowded industry.

The Human Touch

Despite the interface with AI, podcast monitoring with Very Disco allows for a granular, human-level understanding of content. This is far more insightful than the generalized tags typical of social media monitoring tools.

How to Integrate Podcast Monitoring into Your Existing Strategy

Incorporating podcast monitoring into your overall media monitoring strategy brings a series of adjustments that offer significant benefits.

Identify Core Topics and Keywords

Begin by identifying the core topics, terms, and phrases that are of interest to your brand. This will include your brand name, primary products or services, industry-related terms, and anything else that could relate to a potential conversation about your brand.

Set Up Regular Alerts

Once your keywords are set, create alerts for each one to ensure that you receive notifications whenever your brand or related topics are mentioned. Regular checks and updates will help to keep your strategies agile and responsive to any potential changes or new opportunities.

Analyze and Act on Data

The pulse on podcast mentions will arm you with new data to inform your marketing strategy, public relations, and product development. Be prepared to act on insight derived from these mentions, whether it’s to capitalize on a new trend or to steer public perception through an informed communications plan.

Make Informed Decisions and Measure Impact

Combine insights from podcast monitoring with the rest of your media monitoring data. This cross-media analysis can provide you with a more comprehensive view of your brand's position in the market and help inform decision-making, as well as demonstrating the impact of your efforts.


The beauty of Very Disco’s solution to the podcast monitoring conundrum is more than a technical feat; it is a testament to the growing recognition of the value that podcasts bring to the media landscape. The ability to now monitor podcasts for pertinent mentions and discussions means a more robust and accurate understanding of media landscapes for brands. Not only does it provide a deep sense of what’s being said, it also caters to the specifics of how and why it’s being said.

For podcasters themselves, this advancement signals a democratization of analytics that were once reserved for the big players in the industry. Independent and aspiring podcasters now have the tools to track their growth, engage their audience, and attract potential sponsors with just as much precision and depth as mainstream media outlets.

In the end, Very Disco's innovation stands as a powerful case study in the adaptability of media monitoring technologies. As media continues to evolve, so too must the tools that help us understand and engage with it. And as podcasts continue to surge in popularity and relevance, it’s clear that the more we can tap into their content, the more we can stay one step ahead in our respective industries.

For marketing professionals, content creators, and podcast enthusiasts, the message is loud and clear: the future is not just in what you say, but in what you can hear. And with the groundbreaking capabilities offered by Very Disco, the opportunity to listen—and to learn—is greater than it has ever been.

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