Top Podcast Media Monitoring Tools for Marketing and Promotion

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, with more and more people tuning into these audio narratives each day. With this growth, marketers and media professionals are increasingly looking for tools that can help them monitor podcasts, track their mentions, and harness this rich medium for promotion and audience research. Below are some of the leading podcast media monitoring tools that can help professionals make the most out of the podcasting landscape.


VeryDisco is revolutionizing how brands monitor and engage with the podcasting community. This innovative tool offers real-time insights about podcast episodes and helps track mentions across different shows and platforms, providing data that all stakeholders in the marketing process can understand and act on. With verydisco, you can monitor the effectiveness of your podcast ad placements, analyze listener sentiment, and even explore prospective podcast sponsorship opportunities. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive data analytics make it a must-have tool for anyone serious about podcast marketing.

Audioburst Studio

Audioburst Studio is an AI-powered content platform focusing on analyzing, indexing, and breaking down podcasts and radio content into searchable short-form snippets. It allows you to analyze spoken words in real-time, understand context, and curate personalized content libraries. This tool is a game-changer for content creators and media professionals who want to stay on top of emerging and trending topics in the podcasting world. With its ability to identify keywords and trending discussions, Audioburst Studio can help accelerate content discovery and drive engagement among audiences.


Podchaser is the IMDb of podcasts, offering a vast database of podcast shows and creators. This tool allows you to track the performance of your show by gathering listener reviews, ratings, and engagement across various platforms. Podchaser also supports discovery, making it easier for your content to be found by new listeners. Its influence database can help you identify key players and potential collaborators within the podcasting community, ultimately fostering partnerships that can amplify your podcast’s reach and impact.


Chartable provides podcast analytics and attribution tools for publishers and advertisers. This platform monitors podcast and chart performance, offering robust analytics that can help measure a show’s growth and audience trends. Besides performance tracking, Chartable’s smart links enable better understanding of the listener’s user journey and help to identify the effectiveness of different promotional channels. Chartable’s features are designed to provide actionable insights for navigating the complex world of podcast advertising and content creation.


Podbean is more than just a hosting platform; it also offers advanced statistics that can help podcasters and marketers understand their listenership. With features like listener demographics, behavior patterns, and geographical data, Podbean supports strategic decision-making when it comes to content delivery and advertising. The platform's live stream and monetization tools further enhance the podcasting experience for both creators and listeners. For marketers, the ability to insert targeted ads into the Podbean ecosystem, coupled with detailed listener data, makes this a powerful addition to the marketing arsenal.


Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting platform that goes beyond just publishing episodes. It offers various features for podcasters, including detailed analytics that can be leveraged for marketing and promotion. With Buzzsprout, you can track listener locations, trends in consumption patterns, and even device usage. These insights are valuable for understanding your audience and tailoring your marketing efforts accordingly. The platform also provides tools for promoting episodes, such as custom web players, making it easier for listeners to discover and engage with your content across different channels.


Casted is a marketing platform specifically designed to harness the power of podcasting. It provides tools for recording, editing, and publishing episodes, along with advanced analytics to measure the impact of your podcast on your brand’s bottom line. Casted goes further by integrating podcast data with your marketing tech stack, offering the ability to use podcast content to fuel your entire content marketing strategy. With a focus on engagement and ROI, Casted is a valuable asset for marketers looking to take their podcasting initiatives to the next level.

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, staying on top of podcast performance and trends is crucial for any marketer or media professional. These tools not only help you monitor and track podcasts but also provide insights that can influence your marketing strategies and drive impactful campaigns. Whether you're a podcaster looking to grow your audience or a marketer looking to tap into the podcasting boom, these platforms offer the features and functionality to support your objectives.

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