Episode 278: Schrödinger's Everything (Lee Chang-dong's "Burning" Pt. 1)

Episode 278: Schrödinger's Everything (Lee Chang-dong's "Burning" Pt. 1)

Very Bad Wizards

David and Tamler fall under the spell of Lee Chang-dong’s 2018 masterpiece Burning , a movie where nothing is what it seems, or maybe it is. An alienated young man meets what seems like his dream girl from his small town, but she’s about to leave for Africa. Will he take care of her cat? Is there a cat? When she comes back she’s attached (maybe) to a slick rich guy played by Steven Yeun and then she disappears. What happened? What’s real and what’s a pantomime? Adapted from a Murakami short story that’s adapted from a Faulkner short story, this movie warrants a true VBW deep dive, so we had to do it in two parts. This is part 1. Plus another segment of our pet peeves. “Updating my priors,” “Fixed it for you,” faculty governance, and more, these are the things that really grind our gears.
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